Favorite Image #1: Start of my favorite images blogging!

So its Sunday morning. Just finished my coffee and I’m ready to go! Super psyched about Inception Imaging booking a wedding for a month from now last night! Can’t wait! I really believe in what Rob, Rod, and I can do! (If you haven’t checked out our website, please do!)

So I’m gonna start this whole thing off with one of my favorite all time images. The great thing about this image is that it wasn’t taken with a fancy camera or lighting or anything that some people swear you need to get a great shot. (Not that I’m dissing good lighting and nice cameras and the affect that good gear can have on your photos, don’t get me wrong. I am hardcore interested in the latest gear and keeping up to date on all techniques and equipment.) All I am saying is that sometimes its the moment and emotions that make a photo, despite whether you had a great background or proper lighting. This photo was taken with a panasonic point and shoot camera, which has captured some of my favorite photos. Just to set the stage for this photo, I was lucky enough to go to be there at the hospital when Chris and Tanya had their beautiful baby girl named Devin. This photo was taken minutes after Devin was born and Chris had just brought her out to introduce her to her family and friends. Emotions were flying high and you could easily see that Chris was sooo proud and happy to be a dad.

As far as processing the image, I chose black and white, for a few reasons. I felt firstly it followed with the photojournalistic style of the image, and it covered up the harsh colors of the background of the hospital wall. Definitely one of my favorite photos!