Favorite Images #18: Road Lights

So long exposures can make for amazing shots in a variety of situations. If you aren’t familiar with the term long exposure, it basically means to take a photo over a longer period of time. Most portraits are typically taken with an exposure time of way less than 1sec, keeping them sharp and not blurry. Longer exposures will show a blurring of any type of movement. This technique is used for that flowing,misty waterfall look, or the star trails, an example of which I will show some other time. It can also be used to show light trails. While J was driving one evening, I had the camera out while in the car and was playing around a bit. I took a few different shots and this one was my favorite. I love the different colors of the lights, how the sky showed up black, and how you can kinda see the road. It was processed in Lightroom (Great program!).It was taken with a canon Xsi, sigma 10-20mm, f/5.6, 15 sec exposure and iso 100.