Jays Spring Training Baseball

So as I write this, I am actually watching a Jays vs Rays baseball game. So I decided to share some of the photos I took while in Florida at a Jays vs Yankees spring training game. I had a great time and to make things even better, the Jays won by a ton! I know your first thought is probably “gross baseball.. how can you watch that on TV.. it is sooo boring” if you don’t watch baseball. If you do watch baseball, your first thought may be “wow.. a Jays fan.. that’s unfortunate”… but to both I say Boooooooooo! I used to hate watching baseball on TV, but I think it was because I didn’t really have an appreciation for the game at all. But after having no choice but to watch it( Thanks J), I have gained a greater understanding of the game, and thus appreciation of the sport. And I think J also instilled her love of the Jays in me as well. Yes, they haven’t had a great season in a while, but I feel that this year they have a lot of potential with a lot of young, promising players and they could do well if they get into a groove. Anyways, I’ll quit rambling about baseball and talk about the photos. This is just a few of the photos I took at the spring training game. Rod was kind enough to lend me his amazing Sigma 70 -200mm f/2.8 lens so I could have some zoom. What a sweet lens! These photos were shot with a canon xsi.


Adam Lind.. Love Him!

Lind and Swisher