Boo & Scout & Winnie!

So today’s post involves three loves of my life: my two amazing cats Boo and Scout, and our newest addition, Winnie! Winnie has had an interesting past couple of days, which I will explain in more detail some other time. Boo and Scout don’t quite know what to think of Winnie just yet, although J and I have decided that Winnie is the dog version of Boo. They are both super sweet, quite timid, and soooo adorable. Scout runs the house. That cat has personality and has no problem letting you know what she wants when she wants it. I love that about her. She is more of a dog than Winnie. So far they all seem to get along fine, but I’m hopin they’ll soon all be super good buddies. I took these photos today with my Canon 5D with an 85mm prime lens and edited them in Lightroom. The cats photos were processed so as to give a grainy old film feeling. The photo of Winnie changed to black and white, followed by several other adjustments. All photos were taken at f/1.8  and iso 400. The photos of Winnie and Scout were taken at a shutter speed of 1/60 sec and the one of Boo at 1/100 sec.