Favorite Images #21: Metric

So, as everyone is, I am a huge fan of music. One of my favorite things is sitting down with a great set photos to edit and rocking out to some wicked music. It can completely change your mood and set the tone of an entire day. One band that I really enjoy is Metric, and if you don’t know who I’m talkin bout, check em out. They are awesome! I got the opportunity to see them live and they put on an awesome show and are amazing live. So today’s favorite image is from that concert in Nov. 2010. It was taken with a Panasonic p&s (DMC-TZ5)[ -awesome camera by the way! best p&s I’ve ever owned!] at f/4.9, 1/60s and iso 400, not that I knew how to set those settings at the time on that camera.. haha.. Enjoy!