The Beauty of B&W

As you can probably already tell from some of my images, I have a soft spot for black and white photography. I am constantly tempted to convert an image to black and white. Seems to be my “go to” when processing. I just feel that it can add a certain amount of character to an image, as well as really eliminate some of the distractions within, almost smooths out the image. I thought I would give you an example of one of my favorite conversions.  This photo was taken a few months ago on a whim. I think my sister was actually tired of me shooting at this point and started to back the car up as if she was going to hit me. Despite that, I was able to snag this image, which when converted to black and white and using a few other adjustments, it has become one of my favorites. Below are an edited color image that was taken with a canon xsi, sigma 10-20mm at 10mm, f/14, 1/250s and iso 400, as well as a different b&w converted image taken at f/14, 1/200s and iso 400.