Sorry TLC.. I went chasin waterfalls again..

So, again neglecting the sound advice of TLC, I went to a waterfall to get some shots last week. I had just gotten my 17-40L lens and was itching to get out shooting. Rob was ever so kind as to take me to some falls where he had previously shot. These falls are about 2 min outside of Freddy and gorgeous! We spent about 1.5 hrs shooting and the time passed so quickly. It was so calm and relaxing. I hadn’t shot landscapes a lot in the past few months so it has been really nice getting back into it. One essential component of any shoot : Bug Spray! Wow, flies have been bad this year! So here are a few shots from that waterfall excursion. They are all long exposure HDR. I’m really liking HDR, as it gives the images an extra”pop” that they don’t have otherwise. I have to say, TLC wasn’t all wrong about chasin waterfalls, as I almost dropped my camera/lens multiple times while climbing to try to get into a good shooting location. Hope you enjoy these shots!