The phone rings Friday night and the person on the other end says “You’ll be picked you up at 11:30”. Now, being the old lady I am, not much gets me out past 10pm, even on the weekend. However, considering the circumstances, I got off the couch and put some suitable clothes on. Okay.. I actually didn’t change outfits.. It takes a lot to get me out of my sweatpants. J and I waited patiently for Barb to arrive. It was going to be my first time seeing the northern lights! Once we were in the car, Barb drove us through back roads to find the best location. In the middle of a dark, lonely back road, we parked the car and got out. Facing north, we saw a faint lightened spot in the dark sky. However, it was not overly obvious we were looking at the northern lights. What was obvious was that we were in the dark, listening to a cow that was most likely in heat and entirely creeped out. Luckily, after setting the tripod up and standing in the middle of the road for 20 min,  I saw this image come up on my camera screen. Thanks Barb!