Everything’ll work out fine

So Friday night was awesome. Joel Plaskett acoustic show.. need I say more? Not really but I will. Joel Plaskett is by far one of the best live performers I have ever seen, if not the best. So when I heard he was doing a solo acoustic show, I jumped on the chance to go. I had high expectations after seeing him live several times before, and he definitely did not disappoint. As soon as we walked into the show, we were handed free beer (yes, legitimately free beer) and we ran straight to the front by the stage. I only brought my p&s as I didn’t want to risk taking my other gear to a bar and didn’t know if they would let me in with it. But just like Joel (yes, I have apparently decided we are on a first name basis), my little camera did not disappoint. Its a Panasonic camera that I’ve had for a few years and gotten a lot of my favorite shots out of.  So here are a few shots I took when I wasn’t singing at the top of my lungs and getting drinks spilled on me. And if you haven’t listened to Joel Plaskett before, I highly recommend you do. Cause “everything’ll work out fine.”

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