Back at the Falls Again..

So, I can’t resist a good landscape/nature photo opportunity. And after a while with no shoots of any kind, I was going through photo withdraw.. I am a junkie.. It’s pathetic. I get cranky when I haven’t taken photos in a while. It is almost worse than if J doesn’t get her coffee. Almost.. Not quite though. Anyways, after a rough day, the guys picked me up and we made our way to the falls. I find nothing more peaceful than just setting up the tripod and taking pics in the middle of nature, completely away from the rest of the world. I  find it completely calms me down, clears my mind. And then going home and loading up what you get and seeing the results is (hopefully) rewarding and reconfirms my love of photography. (I say hopefully as nothing is more frustrating than coming home, loading up your shots and realizing you have nothing to work with. But hey, at least you can maybe learn for the mistakes you made.) So here are another set of images from my second excursion to the Garden Creek falls. Very similar to my  first set in composition, but this time the falls were flowing a lot more, making for a slightly different result in the photos.