Jody & Shawn: Preview #2

Yesterday I posted some pics from an amazing wedding on the weekend. I had such a great time. It is an amazing feeling to be there and capture the events as they unfold on one of the important days in life. Being able to capture images that portray what the couple and their friends/family were feeling on that day is my ultimate goal. Whether it is a smile, laughter or a kiss, these are the moments you want to treasure. We do our best to float around and fit in (as much as one can with two cameras slung around your neck).  We try not to pose people to much, but rather put them into situations and let what would normally happen unfold. That was the case with a walk in the woods with Jody and Shawn. We were in between formal locations for shots and they were just walking in the woods, having a conversation when I snapped one of my favorite shots of the day. Anyways, I’ll quit rambling and post some more pics! You guys were awesome Jody & Shawn!