The best thing I did last year….

So, as most of you know, I tend to ramble about my fur kids a lot. And here’s a warning: I’m about to do it in this post.  2011 was an interesting year full of ups and downs for sure, but definitely more ups than downs. The one thing that sticks out in my mind was that of getting Winnie. We weren’t looking to get a dog, but always had it in the back of our minds. When I was browsing the fspca facebook site one day, I came across a litter of puppies and their mother. Now, don’t get me wrong, the puppies were adorable, but I remember sitting in my office and showing my co-workers the photo of the mother and saying how gorgeous she was. After that, I regularly checked the site and browsed the photos of the dogs up for adoption. A few months later, more pics showed up and the puppies that I had seen previously were up for adoption, along with their mother. There was an adoption event on the weekend and I was set on going. But J knew what would happen. She knew if we went there I would leave with more dogs than we could handle. haha..

We had to go to Moncton and I was completely bummed the entire way there. She promised me that if the mother had not been adopted, we would go and meet her and see how we felt about her. So I anxiously checked all weekend and was nervous to find out she hadn’t been adopted.  I secretly, without telling J, contacted the people who were fostering Winnie, and asked all about her. I also set up a time to meet her. On the way to the fspca to meet her, I was so nervous. My stomach was in knots. But that was all alleviated when I saw Winnie from a distance. I was done for.  The adoption papers were signed shortly after. I really had no choice.

I’m not going to lie and say the first few months with her were the easiest. She had extreme anxiety and trust issues which required a lot of attention and time to work with. Barkbusters was a life saver and taught us how to work with Winnie and her stress. She still is very nervous, but has come a long way. Though we lost shoes, blankets, a futon and many other items to her anxiety, I cannot describe what I have gained having her in my life. She is always there to cheer me up when I get home and has provided countless laughs with her goofy behavior. It is also because of her that we met some amazing people (and their dogs) in our neighborhood, who can also be credited with making her the amazing dog she is. I guess my point in this whole blog post is that Winnie has given us so much more than we could ever repay her for and if you are considering getting a dog, please think about adopting a rescue dog. The SPCA does amazing work!

Here are a few pics of Winnie from Christmas Day.