Wow. What an amazing show last night! I can’t describe how good this band is live! Before the show, I threw in my trusty panasonic point and shoot camera in my bag to grab a couple shots. I would have really loved to have brought in my DSLR though.  So the show started and I’m snapping away. I soon realize that there are only so many pics you can get from sitting in one seat. Photographers nightmare.. not being able to move around, change angles, get better light etc. So I found myself constantly watching the lighting, trying to vary my shots that way. Midway through the show, Dallas asks everyone to put away their cell phones and cameras for just one song. He said he wanted everyone to do that cause he wanted us to experience it, rather than trying to remember it. Totally made sense. So I set my camera down and just started to enjoy the music. I told myself that I would keep the camera down for the rest of the show and not take any more pics, just enjoy the amazing show. I underestimated how difficult that would be. I just constantly kept seeing amazing shots that I was missing, great backlighting etc. So I learned you can’t just turn off the photography brain. It is constantly turning and analyzing the situation. And I did pretty well resisting the urge to shoot, but I will admit, I shot a few more shots after I told myself the camera was down for the night. haha. It was a great show! Here are a few shots and I’ll probably post more when I get a chance. Hope you enjoy.