Day & Night: Landscape Photography

Besides shooting weddings, portraits, and interiors, I also really enjoy shooting landscapes. I guess it is just the thing I do for me. I find it so relaxing to sit by a waterfall or a lake, set up the camera for a long exposure and wait for the result. It is very much the opposite of the hustle of wedding photography. Don’t get me wrong, nothing gets me psyched like the adrenaline of shooting a wedding. I love it! But it is also nice to sit and enjoy the scenery, whether it be 5 min outside of Fredericton, or further. It is just nice to sneak away from reality for a little bit. I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at Oromocto Lake,  a gorgeous lake about 40 min from Freddy. It was amazing. I took out the camera for a few shots while sitting around the campfire at night and this shot was one of my favorites. The moon was so bright, it almost looks like daytime in this shot. This shot is a long exposure ( 211 sec) and was shot with my Canon Rebel XSi and a Sigma 10-20mm lens on an induro carbon fiber tripod. The thing I love about this shot is you can see the star trails on either side of the clouds. fredericton photographer - oromocto lake