Sucker for love giveaway!

Alrighty people… It is Valentine’s Day. And I know that some of you think it is a commercial holiday, made to sell flowers, candy and cards. And I don’t entirely disagree with you there. But as a sucker for love, feelings and all that mushy stuff (including a Nicholas Sparks book or movie), I can’t help but wanna do something. So I’m going to give away a free couples shoot by the end of the day today. Entirely free. You get the disc with images and full printing rights.

Doesn’t matter if you are young or old, dating, engaged, or married. Just shoot me a brief message on facebook, or an email at telling me about you and your significant other and why you would like the session by 6pm tonight. Sway me with your words! The winners will get a 1hr on location session in the Fredericton area, which will be scheduled for sometime within the next couple months!

Fredericton Photography by Mag Hood-19