Busy busy busy – Fredericton Photography

Wow. Long time no blog. Lots has been going on since my last blog. I did a studio day in downtown Freddy, and did 7 awesome sessions. These sessions ranged from family pics, to pet photos, maternity shots, baby pics and business headshots. I had a blast! Since then, I’ve done several shoots, including some pics of the gorgeous pets at the FSPCA. I’ve also been working a lot on the business side of things and working to make the client experience even better. I was so stoked to find out that, after posting a Valentine’s contest of my own, I won a contest from an amazing company called “Flosites“. These guys do amazing work and are going to be designing a new, professional logo for me. So stoked! I also participated in a charity event, in which I bid on and won a mentoring session with one of the top wedding photography teams in the world, Zach&Jody. Very excited! I’ve also had some amazing meetings and booked some awesome weddings for 2013 and 2014! I am soon going to be setting up the sessions for the awesome couples who won the Valentine’s Day Contest. I had planned on choosing just one couple, but after all of the amazing stories I had a hard time even narrowing it down to even 3, so I gave away 3 sessions! So this is what I’ve been up to! Here are a few shots from the past month!

Fredericton Wedding Photographers Fredericton Wedding Photographers-8 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-6 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-9 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-12 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-18 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-19 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-20 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-17 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-16 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-7 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-2 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-3 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-4 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-13 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-15 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-14 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-10 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-11Fredericton Wedding Photographers-21