Choosing a Location for Wedding Photos!

Finding the perfect location for portraits can be tough, not to mention finding one which will coordinate with your wedding schedule. Parks and gardens always make a nice option for photos, but it can sometimes be fun and fresh to mix it up as well. We love to shoot at non-traditional places, such as downtowon alleys and streets, as well as old brick/stone buildings, in addition to traditional beaches, lakes , forests and parks. By doing both if possible , you add variety to your wedding portfolio! Here are a few things to think about when searching for your perfect wedding photo location:

1) Are there any special places that have meaning to you and your significant other?

2) What is the feeling/vibe of the wedding? Do you know of any locations that will fit with this vibe?

3) How busy will the location be? Sometimes the more busy and crowded the location is, the more difficult it will be to get the shots you need.

4) Try and choose a location that will be private from the wedding guests. Minimal distractions/guest cameras means better photos.

5) When thinking about locations, make sure to include adequate time for travel! The less rushed you are, the more relaxed you will be. This means better photos!

6) Have a rain plan, even if it just includes bringing rubber boots and umbrellas! Sometimes rain can make for awesome pics!

7) What time of day will the pics be taken? Where will the sun be and what will the light be like?

Here are a few pics from different locations from weddings I’ve shot! Some of these shots have been taken in Fredericton, Saint John, Nova Scotia and in the Dominican Republic! And yep, we do destination wedding photography!

Fredericton Wedding Photographers-8-3 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-7-3 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-6-3 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-5-3 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-4-3 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-3-3 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-2-3 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-24 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-9-2 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-8-2 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-7-2 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-6-2 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-5-2 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-4-2 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-2-2 Fredericton Wedding Photographers-23