Calling for rain on your wedding day? How to prepare for photos!

So you’re looking ahead at the forecast for your wedding day and hoping for gorgeous weather. Sometimes, it doesn’t always turn out as we’d hope. However, in a recent poll, most brides who had rain on their wedding day said they wouldn’t have changed a thing. Well, it wasn’t so much a poll as I asked one of my friends who had rain on their wedding day, but still. I thought I’d share some ideas for how to help things go smoothly in case it does rain on your wedding day. The last two weddings I shot were on rainy overcast days and the couples handled the weather perfectly.  I thought I would use some of Sam and Sophie’s images as examples! So here are some things to think about.

1) Try and stay relaxed in the days leading up to the wedding. You really won’t know the weather for sure until the day of.

Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0093

2) Have a rain plan. This plan should include some possible indoor locations for photos. Keep in mind, if you have a large bridal party, then a fairly large area might be needed. Sometimes, a hotel lobby, library or even a covered parking garage will work. Check with your photographer at least a week prior to the wedding to see if the spaces you have selected will work.

Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0091

3) Have some boots and umbrellas on hand. You can always buy the girls matching rubber boots and if it doesn’t rain, just return them. These accessories aid in keeping people dry and comfortable, but also serve as fun additions to the photos.

Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0092

4) Be open minded and trust your photographer. If it isn’t hurricane force weather and you are open to going outside in the rain, it can make for some amazing images. Your dress may get a little wet around the bottom, but it will eventually dry and you’ll end up with possibly some of your favorite images of the day.

Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0094 Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0095

5) Enjoy the day! This day is about you and your significant other and is a celebration of how awesome you are together. Rain or shine, it is a beautiful day!

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