Trevor & Kirsten: A Beautiful Vineyard Wedding

Last weekend, I had the privilege of traveling to Wolfville, Nova Scotia to capture an amazing wedding full of love and laughter. Trevor and Kirsten’s wedding was held at the beautiful Domaine de Grand Pré Winery. This venue was absolutely amazing, from the gorgeous grounds to the amazing food and wine. It was decorated beautifully by Trevor & Kirsten along with their family and friends. Kirsten was soo gorgeous in that amazing dress. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this amazing wedding and to have met so many fantastic people.  Congrats to Trevor and Kirsten. You guys were so great to work with and your love for one another can easily been seen by everyone around you. Thanks so much for having Jess and I! Here is a little preview of some pics!

IMG_7549 IMG_7751 IMG_7581 IMG_7579 IMG_7816 IMG_7829 IMG_7873 IMG_7875 IMG_8514 IMG_8083-2 IMG_8136 IMG_8152 IMG_8166 IMG_8222 IMG_8408 IMG_8457 IMG_9133 IMG_9018 IMG_9027 IMG_8746 IMG_8683 IMG_8730 IMG_9073 IMG_9433 IMG_9447 IMG_9498 IMG_9373 IMG_8530 IMG_8890 IMG_8962 IMG_9194 IMG_8860 IMG_9263 IMG_9293 IMG_8496 IMG_9403 IMG_8601 IMG_9452 IMG_9634 IMG_9511 IMG_9524 IMG_8716 IMG_9577 IMG_9769 IMG_9765 IMG_9813 IMG_9918 IMG_9937 IMG_9943 IMG_0187