Molly & Dan: Fabulous Fall Wedding

Earlier in October, I had the pleasure of photographing the amazing wedding of Molly & Dan. This wedding was one for the books, from getting ready, to the look on Dan’s face seeing Molly walk down the aisle, to the awesome dance party at the end of the night. They were so fun and easy to work with! Molly was absolutely gorgeous and I feel like she was reading my mind every time I went to set up a shot. We were also able to sneak out after dark and grab one of my all time favorite night shots. Thanks so much for having us Molly and Dan. I hope you love the pics and that they possibly portray even a slight amount of how awesome your wedding was!

IMG_1419 IMG_1438 IMG_1496 IMG_1525 IMG_1430 IMG_1461 IMG_1673 IMG_1677 IMG_1690 IMG_1544 IMG_1563 IMG_1594 IMG_1609 IMG_1617 IMG_1771 IMG_1795 IMG_1465 IMG_8717 IMG_9598 IMG_1826 IMG_1823 IMG_9603 IMG_1835 IMG_8738 IMG_8745 IMG_8789 IMG_1901 IMG_9768 IMG_2042 IMG_1560 IMG_1631 IMG_1686 IMG_1698 IMG_1723 IMG_1765 IMG_1790 IMG_1814 IMG_1862 IMG_1865 IMG_8896 IMG_8913 IMG_8953 IMG_8887 IMG_1911 IMG_1946 IMG_1958 IMG_1996 IMG_2008 IMG_2012 IMG_2034 IMG_2052 IMG_2061 IMG_2076 IMG_2088 IMG_2105 IMG_2125 IMG_2134 IMG_2146 IMG_2157 IMG_2172 IMG_2222 IMG_8960 IMG_2231 IMG_2234 IMG_2247 IMG_2258 IMG_2267 IMG_2302 IMG_2314 IMG_2330 IMG_9013 IMG_9017 IMG_9219 IMG_9212 IMG_2380 IMG_2398 IMG_2411 IMG_2442 IMG_9297 IMG_9309