Birthday Wishes

So I know I usually only post pics of engagement sessions, family sessions or weddings that I’ve shot, but I wanted to take this opportunity to do something different and more personal. So the pics I am going to share are not ones that I took. Weird eh? Today happens to be the birthday of my amazing wife. Jess has been the most amazing, influential support system when it came to me pursuing what I love to do. She has been there time and time again to give me a second opinion on pics, hold a light for hours on end, and give me pep talks when I get down on myself or my work. Without her, I most definitely wouldn’t have had the confidence to start my photography business. So this post is just basically a thank you to Jess. Thank you for being one of the most honest, stubborn, and dedicated individuals I have ever met and for believing in me. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing what I love. You are absolutely incredible. And I know you’ll be furious with me for writing all this, but I couldn’t help it. And it is cheaper than a card. You are my best friend and I am so thankful every day that I get to call you mine. Love you babe!

Here are a couple of of wedding pics by Rob Coombs. Spoiler alert: I’m wearing a dress!

img_4689 img_4714 img_4783 img_4792 img_5142-2