2013 Photography Year in Review Part 2

2013 brought so many amazing things my way. I got to work with so many amazing clients! Whether it was wedding, newborn, maternity, portrait or family sessions, I want you all to know that I greatly appreciate you allowing me the pleasure to photograph the important moments and times in your lives. It is something I truly treasure and take very seriously. Photographs are something that will remain after things change, both for better or worse. They help us recall special times in our lives, make us laugh, make us smile and make us cry. The invite us all to feel. And if my work can do that for even one person, then all the hard work was worth it. Here is Part 2 of some of my favorite photos of 2013. I couldn’t narrow it down any more, so I still have Part 3 to come! Hope you enjoy!

_mg_7574 img_1999 _mg_0174 _mg_7323(1) _mg_0337 _mg_8260(1) _mg_7823(1) _mg_9966 img_2901 img_0562 _mg_7465(1) img_0682 _mg_0251 img_0420 img_0182 _mg_9838 img_2398 img_1057 img_0596 img_2623-2 img_8156(2) img_2670-3 img_3183 img_3147(1) img_3286 img_4603 _mg_7635 img_4087 img_3399 img_4471 img_4755 img_3650 img_5336 img_5244-2 img_5100-2 img_5154 img_5904 img_5354-2 img_6132 img_5402 img_5508 img_5769-2 img_5846-2 img_5965 img_5976 img_6454 img_4958(1) img_6283-2 img_6495 img_6440-2 img_6570 img_6218 img_7396 img_7412 img_6741-2 img_5375 img_6832 img_7281 img_9851-2 img_7320 img_7343-2 img_9897 img_7510 img_7561 img_8124 img_9918-2 img_7703 img_7819 img_9992-2 img_6954-2 img_8117-2 img_0593 img_7562(1) img_6322 img_8755-2 img_7446-2 img_8520-2 img_8426-2 img_9211 img_8408-2 img_8550 img_8730 img_7572-2 _mg_8268(1) img_9650 img_9641 _mg_7777 img_8870(1) img_9937 img_7361 img_1307-2