2013 Photography Year in Review Part 3

2013 was full of awesomeness for me, both from a photography standpoint and personally. On a personal level, the highlight was marrying my amazing wife. Hands down the most amazing moment. That and the party afterwards. Most of which I remember. I think….. But photography wise, I would like to think that 2013 was a defining year for my business and personal body of work. I worked hard and I hope the results showed. I pushed to try new things and take my work further than previous years. I tried to learn a lot and develop my skills with lighting, which I believe is a critical component of any photography, whether it be natural light or flash. I also got to travel and shoot weddings in places outside of Fredericton, such as Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. It was truly an amazing year and it wouldn’t have been possible without amazing people to work with! I have an awesome support team (lead by Jess), and amazing clients. Thank you all for allowing me to do what I love! Here are some more pics from 2013!

_mg_9162 img_0003-2 img_0035-2 img_0036 img_0042-2 img_0101 img_0179 img_0210 IMG_0220 img_0235 img_0266-2 img_0300 img_0309 img_0340 IMG_0349 IMG_0358 IMG_0375 img_0383-2 IMG_0414 IMG_0448 img_0469-2 IMG_0486 img_0533 img_0545 img_0557 img_0566-2 img_0620 IMG_0665 IMG_0731 img_0759 img_1017 IMG_1072 img_1139 img_1144-2 IMG_1169 IMG_1170 img_1224-2 IMG_1253 img_1269 img_1299 img_1321-2 IMG_1450 img_1465 img_1481 img_1610 img_1673 img_1722 img_1810 img_1911 IMG_1924 IMG_1961 img_1979 IMG_1984 img_2051 img_2125 img_2152 IMG_2207 img_2272 img_2342 img_2448 IMG_2473 IMG_2478 img_2547 img_2607 img_2698 IMG_2699 img_2735 IMG_2771 img_2797-2 img_2845 img_2897 img_3033 img_3118-2 img_3144 img_3274 img_3373 img_3838 img_4015 img_4098 img_4852 img_5044 img_5696 img_5978(1) img_6610 img_6902-3(1) img_7064 img_7524 img_7580 img_9164 img_9309 img_9362-2 img_9472_tonemapped img_9528 img_9573-2 img_9637 img_9657 img_9718 img_9727 img_9754 img_9763-2 img_9765 img_9776 img_9789 img_9805 img_9842 img_9846 img_9903 img_9982 img_9985(1)Fredericton Photographer MHP-2 Fredericton Photographer MHP-3 Fredericton Photographer MHP 1267837_10151635276071446_1827536334_o(1)