Winter Session Giveaway Winner

On Valentine’s Day, I held a contest through my facebook page for a free winter couples session. I received so many wonderful entries and read so many great stories. Huge thanks to everyone that wrote in. I am happy to now share the winning entry with you all.  It was great to see someone nominating their best friend and speaking so eloquently and highly of their relationship.

Morning Mag,

I would actually like to nominate a friend of mine for your Valentine’s Day Giveaway. Megan Lannan (who also follows your page) has been one of my best friends for 22 years. We met in kindergarten and she is just an amazing person. Not only is she one of the nicest people I have ever met, she is fun, enthusiastic, and loves to take pictures. On Facebook, she posts daily pics of her little family – Stephen – her boyfriend and Oban – the family dog. She even has a photo booth in her house that is set up 24/7! Stephen, the good man he is, even set it up for her and is a great sport for being in all of those pictures.

It saddens me to say, this Valentines Day she won’t be taking pictures of her little family. Megan is spending it alone. Her boyfriend of 2 1/2 years has taken a job out west because he was laid-off at the engineering firm he was working for here in Fredericton. He just left on 12 Feb and is on a 3 week on 1 week off shift where he gets to come home for the week he has off. He will be working out west for a year or more. Being in the military myself, I know how difficult it is to have a loved one away. Having good friends are important during the time your spouse is gone for support and just good old fashion company. Someone just to be able to talk about how much you just miss the other person. I guess that’s where I come in.

When Megan first met Stephen I knew right away they would be together forever. She would talk about him constantly with a smile from ear to ear. They both have the same morals and values, communicate well, and seem like a rock. They surely have a relationship anyone would love to emulate. Nothing is ever going to come between them – even during this rough year or two that is about to come.

I would like to nominate Megan Lannan and Stephen Hallett because when times get tough I would like them to be able to look back at the beautiful pictures you took of them and be able to see the whole reason why they are doing this in the first place. For their friendship, their love, and for the best that is yet to come.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

Natalie Pozer

I also received an awesome email from Megan herself, which had a few photos attached. One was of herself and  her dog video chatting with Stephen. That one did me in. Distance is so tough!

Congrats to Megan and Stephen! I can’t wait to work with you guys and capture that awesome love on camera that Natalie wrote about!