I recently got back from an amazing, much needed vacation. Jess and I packed our bags and headed west. We visited Santa Barbara, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff and Sedona over 12 days. It was absolutely the most amazing trip.

The trip came to life after talking to a good friend, Alaina, who lives in Santa Barbara, California. After realizing that she lived only 6 hrs from my #1 bucket list place to visit, Yosemite National Park, we decided there was no time like the present to go. I’ll talk much more about Yosemite, and why I wanted to visit there in another post. Jess, being the amazing person she is, happily agreed to this vacation which is a landscape photographer’s dream. The first stop was a couple days in Santa Barbara. Tom and Alaina were amazing hosts, showing us so many amazing sites in such a short time. We had an amazing afternoon tasting wine, followed by driving through the mountains and stopping every 5 secs so I could take pics. The next day was all about the beach, where we spent the afternoon and came back for sunset. Santa Barbara is an absolutely gorgeous place. The landscape was amazing, the wine was fantastic and the people were so friendly! Many thanks to our amazing hosts Tom and Alaina, who are in some of these pics!

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