Pushing Through: Just Shoot

2014 has already been an amazing year. I have been lucky to shoot everything from amazing athletes and beautiful babies, to gorgeous people and breathtaking landscapes. I am truly lucky to wake up and do what I love everyday. There really isn’t anything better than that. But every once in a while, I feel drained. Emotionally drained and creatively drained. Jess can identify this in me with one simple glance. It feels as if the creative spark in me has burned out. A lot of times, this happens when I haven’t had a shoot in a while and in down time between weddings. And it is tough. And for me, the only way through it is to get out and create. Put a camera in my hand and shoot. Shoot whatever. Doesn’t have to be my most amazing subject or work ever. Just something to shoot. And slowly, I am able to come out of the haze. Slowly I am able to be a little less critical of myself and my own work. Slowly, I get fired up again and ideas start to flow into my mind. I know this is a completely personal post, but I think there are times when we all feel drained, whether it be at your job or in your personal life. And I think we all just need to find an outlet to pull us out of it. For me, it is my camera. For others, it may be exercise, music, art or writing. Find that thing that helps and do it. Do it for you, not for anyone else. Just shoot.

DSCN1700 IMG_1011