Behind the Shot: JD & Andrea’s Engagement

This is a nerdy photography post, so bear with me! A couple of weeks ago, I shot one of my favorite engagement sessions. Looking at the weather from that day, most couples might have cancelled. This couple however, embraced the rainy weather and rocked the session. Their awesome attitudes contributed to getting awesome pics, but one stands out in my mind as my favorite. In setting up this shot, we went to a pedestrian bridge downtown. I positioned the couple such that they were on higher end of the slope  in the middle of the walkway. Behind them, the clouds were dark, so I knew I wanted to use lighting to light up the couple and darken down the backdrop to add some drama. I used a Westcott Rapidbox (with beauty dish reflector plate, minus the front diffuser) with a Canon 430EXII at full power on camera right. This allowed me to have the couple exposed without blowing out the sky. The first image is what it looks like without the flash, the second is the final image with the flash and edits. Image was edited in Lightroom using VSCO. Shot with a Canon 5DII, 50mm lens, f/7.1, 1/160 sec and iso 200.

IMG_5414 Fredericton Wedding Photographer-1