Brandon Brewer – Fight Night

Brandon and I have done several shoots together in the past. Like everything he does, he was always all in. When I got the opportunity to shoot Brandon’s first big fight in front of his hometown crowd in Fredericton, I was stoked. On top of shooting fight shots, I wanted to do something a little different and more documentary style. This was the result! Congrats on your win! Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0133Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0134Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0135Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0136Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0148

Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0138Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0139Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0140Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0142Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0143Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0144Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0145Fredericton Wedding Photographer_0146

Brandon Brewer Docu-16